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“When Her Light Is Extinguished”

(HD, B/W, Thai, 10 minutes)
Director, Producer, Screen Writer, Sound Designer



3rd Place, Short film Category, 8th ReelheART International Film Festival



Conversation between buddha statue and a woman who tries to escape from a spirit in her dream.


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“We Love Me”

(HD, Colour, Thai, 13 minutes)
Director, Editor, Screen Writer, Sound Designer



Audience Award, Deframed Competition – 34th Hamburg International Short Film Festival

Jury Prize, International Competition – 20th Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema

First Prize – 9th FIVA International Video Art Festival Buenos Aires

Honorable Mention – 6th Macau International Video Art Festival



The heavily compressed time and space where all survival images from my memory live in. After journey, what will remain could be something we cannot talk to, but perceive.


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“The piece of Noppakun problematizes the phenomenon of memory in its purely visual dimension, overflowing what is decidable or intelligible, in order to print an affective trace in the people who contemplate it.” – Inés Molina

“…Not so much a question of incomprehensible code per se because the film is made of free associations, a game, the relation of meaning / signified..” – Claire Lasolle

At this level Naween’s film fits into modernist aesthetics in music that speaks to me, in not to have made a political film in Thailand where there are real dangers.” – Adeena Mey

“The narration traversing throughout the entire work is dreary enough to awake “our” collective consciousness planted by the concealed dictatorship in “me.” – Jung Chancheol



# 18th Seoul International NewMedia Festival ( in Korean language*)